100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 13. Passing Time

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 013 - Passing Time

Passing Time has stayed on my PSVita since I downloaded it, it is the only mobile game to do so and there is a very good reason for that. While most people would prefer to play Fifa on their Vita’s (If your certainly looking for a more realistic take on the beautiful game then why wouldn’t you) Passing Time offers something totally different in flavour and taste but still remains a fantastic football game. There’s no doubt in my mind that Passing Time would never have been released outside Playstation Mobile and this is one of the reasons in my mind that PSM was a success.

Created from the beautiful minds behind the mad cap Frobisher Says, the game is almost a mixture of genres as you have a football sim mixed with a bit of strategy. The basic premise of kicking a football around is still the primary mechanic as you can play a normal game of football should you wish, but the strategy element comes in the games’ other modes that are available such as Corners, Free Kicks and Challenge. These modes require thought and strategy as in Corner and Free Kick mode you are thinking of the best strategy to score from each set piece. Challenge mode has you performing tasks such as passing between your players a set number of times and scoring a set number of goals from set pieces. Targets are there to be beaten with a bronze, silver and gold trophy available for each challenge. Skill points are also available from the challenge mode that can be used to upgrade your team for the matches mode. Here you take your team and customise the name, kit and players in a basic form and attribute skill points for individual players oh and did I mention this game uses touch controls!

The touch controls also work simply and more importantly they work! With its off the wall attitude and retro styling to the beautiful game, its a fantastic title to offer something completely original and quirky for the close season. Passing Time is a 40 yard screamer into the back of the net!

Title: Passing Time
Developer: SCEE
Type: Football Sim
PlayStation TV Compatible: No


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