100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 12. Haunt The House: Terrortown

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 012 - Haunt The House Terrortown

Haunt The House: Terrortown is a wonderful 2D style action puzzle game from S.F.B Games that tasks you, as a ghost, to frighten away the inhabitants of a town so that you can reclaim what has been lost! Use of the old grey matter will help you in your task as scaring the inhabitants is not just a case of popping out from nowhere and saying ‘boo’.

Raising the tension through using the environment is what’s key to eventually scaring the citizens out of town, from a multitude of buildings that include a museum and a theatre. Puzzles come from the different ways that different citizens can be scared so as to keep you guessing, rarely does one method of scaring work for more than a couple of citizens and the challenges that ensue give you a brief pause for thought but nothing that ever seems insurmountable.

The whole town is available to spook right from the off and you can start wherever you like and this also provides the ability to move from one building to the next in between scares if you do come to a stop. With a charming  and ‘soft spirited’ style along with the freedom that allows you to spook whoever you like, whenever you like this title is pick up and play at its best, and while the game may only last around an hour it’s well worth any commuters time!

Title: Haunt The House: Terrortown
Developer: S.F.B. Games
Type: Action/Puzzle
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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