100 Must-Buy PlayStation Mobile Games: 11. Comic Station

100 Best PlayStation Mobile Games 011 - Comic Station

Despite it’s sheer power, the one aspect of the console that gamers are most disappointed about with the system is its lack of media players. Whether it’s the absence of Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix in many countries or the limited capabilities of its integrated facilities, the Vita has never quite lived up to its potential. In fact, this is one of the real strengths of PlayStation Mobile. Developers have continually risen to the challenge providing apps to fill in the gaps left by Sony where they have felt the need to offer something that Vita owners have been crying out for…

Hence Comic Station was born. Digital comics are playing an increasingly important role in the comics industry and there have been demands for an app allowing the Vita to access services such as Comixology and while Comic Station doesn’t do that, Mike Oliphant’s app offers the next best thing. The package gives you access to a massive library of thousands of freely available public domain and out-of-print comics from the golden age of the comics industry, which are easily found online and distributed in one of several standard file formats that the app supports. To access them from your Vita just store them in your Dropbox account and Comic Station’s viewer does the rest (and if you don’t have a Dropbox account, it will even help do all the hard work for you there setting that up).

Viewing comics is easy enough, quick and simple to navigate and they’re easy to read on the Vita’s screen. They’re stored locally so there’s no downloading time so you don’t need to be online to read them and it’s a breeze to use. There’s no shortage of comics to read with a little searching online and while it’s the only comic reader the Vita has right now, it would certainly do a great job at fighting off any competition that would dare to challenge it.

Title: Comic Station
Developer: Nostatic Software
Type: Comic Reader
PlayStation TV Compatible: Yes

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