Why the PS Vita Is a Good Present for Your Romantic Partner


Are you currently head over heels in love with somebody who is, for lack of a better word, a gaming addict? You’ll know how difficult it can be to buy presents for them. If there’s a new video game coming out, the chances are they will probably already have it on pre-order. After all, gamers don’t like to wait for their shoot ’em up fix!

We have no doubt you spend hours on end scratching your head trying to come up with that ultimate gift idea. Luckily for you, we came up with the perfect solution: the PS Vita.

A seemingly overlooked console, even now a decade after its launch the PS Vita makes a worthy addition to any gamer’s already-formidable arsenal of video game devices. Many gaming aficionados have looked over this nifty device, much to their own detriment. Those who took the plunge on this system have been rewarded with an additional gaming experience that truly compliments whatever their main console choice may be.

So why is the PS Vita such an awesome gift for your partner? Check out the rest of the article below.

Prove That You Truly Listen to Their Hobbies and Interests

While your partner may spend hours at a time getting lost in fantasy lands and lopping the heads off sixty-foot aliens, we both know you are taking stock of their hobbies and passions. By going out and doing your own research about something like the PS Vita, you are indicating that you are in-sync with your partner’s personal taste. They will appreciate this greatly, which hopefully bodes well for any future presents they buy you in the future!

In fact, some sites asked a question to their users: what do you think is the best present to buy for your significant other? Visitors of Passionmature compiled a list of the most desirable presents for any age, and, unsurprisingly, gaming consoles came out as the number one gift.

What can we say? People just love playing video games! Whether your partner is a gamer geek or not, a console like the PS Vita is officially the best surprise gift – the people have spoken!

Portability and Convenience

If the rise of the Android devices and mobile gaming has proven anything, it is that people like compact gaming. Long gone are the days when most gamers were happy to be tethered to their console and television. Even though the PS5 and Xbox Series X are taking the gaming world by storm, it’s the Nintendo Switch that’s dominating global console sales right now – a portable hybrid. Nowadays, people like the ease of being able to lounge in bed and play their favourite games lying around or take their gaming with them.

Can you blame them?

The PS Vita also allows you to game on the move, allowing you to whip out some of the most addictive handheld games available WHEREVER you want. Whether you are on a road-trip or chilling out in the garden, you can take PS Vita anywhere! With it’s impressive battery life, durability and huge games library it makes it a viable option even with few titles now in development for it. With over 1,200 games still available digitally in the EU alone, you’re still spoiled for choice!

A Variety of Other Applications

Like pretty much every other console nowadays, you can download a variety of apps onto the PS Vita. Sadly unlike the PS5, you can’t watch Netflix on your Vita but you can access the anime streaming service Crunchyroll, YouTube (using the Vita’s browser), and use its media player to listen to music or watch videos you’ve downloaded to the console!

You Can Buy Additional Presents alongside the PS Vita

The great thing about gaming consoles is that there are always a huge number of accessories to go alongside them. The PS Vita is no exception.

The most obvious accessory is the games themselves. Sony has released a huge list of games to take your PS Vita to the next level. Let your partner relive their youth with the revamp a PS1 classic, Rayman Origins. Let them run wild in the ludicrously-fun sandbox world of Borderlands 2. Or just let them get some anger out on the uber-violent Mortal Kombat. If you can’t decide why game to go for – opt for a PlayStation voucher and let your partner choose from themselves.

Because the Vita is a handheld device, you can buy impressive-looking carry cases and shells to keep them safe and stylish. You can also use many of these cases to store your games, which saves on space around the home.

Thriving Resurgence

Handheld gaming consoles usually only have a limited shelf-life, but thanks to a variety of factors, the PS Vita has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in recent times. Nowadays, many people see it as a cheap viable alternative to the Nintendo Switch, which makes it an awesome time to splash the cash and surprise your partner!

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