Why is PlayStation Increasing Its PC Titles?

The PlayStation Studios Steam Curator page recently launched with 24 pieces of content available for purchase. But eagle-eyed fans of the console have identified that there are actually 41 pieces teased, hinting that PlayStation may be making a bigger move to PC than previously anticipated. How important is it for the traditional console to become available through Steam for fans of PC?

Games launched on the PC Steam page include Helldivers, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and Horizon Zero Dawn – with Days Gone also expected to join them. Sony’s aim is to ‘expose those great games to a wider audience.’ As anyone who has played the same game across platforms, there is always a notable difference. So, as a strategy to increase players, it’s a good one.

Fans of the PlayStation Vita – sadly discontinued back in 2019 – will understand the importance of ensuring that games can be widely engaged across a variety of platforms. Nintendo is also famed for cannibalizing its audience by discontinuing previous handheld consoles. This works on increasing brand loyalty as players move to the next console (which is usually more expensive) and solidify their appreciation for the brand and the games available. Providing another platform for fans of the games, as the PlayStation’s PC ports allow, will help cement their fanbase.

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The growth of mobile gameplay has likely led to the decision by Sony to allow PlayStation to tap into the PC market. Those who play PC games have a different style of gameplay than those who play consoles. Capturing some of these players could be beneficial for PlayStation in the long run. After all, mobile gaming didn’t really exist 15 years ago and now it accounts for more than 50% of all global gaming revenue. This figure is expected to rise to 57% by the end of 2021. Adapting to the gaming market is critical for a company’s long-term success.

The future PC ports hinted at by PlayStation is a clever marketing plan. They’ve already released some of their content and will see how PC fans take to it. If it takes off, they will roll out the rest of it. If it doesn’t, they will be able to quietly drop the future releases. But teasing that there is more to come could convince some people to get involved, especially if their favourite game isn’t yet featured. PlayStation has been experts at their game for decades now and this latest move shows exactly why.

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