Why are Handhelds like the Vita So Popular Amongst Gamers?

If you think of gaming, you most likely picture someone with a console controller in their hands before the TV or someone seated at a desk in front of a beefy desktop computer. Of course, these aren’t the only ways to game, though they might be what you first think. Gamers also love taking on challenges and puzzles through handheld games as offered by the likes of the PlayStation Vita. Why are handhelds so popular? Let’s take a look!

Variety of Games

Like any good console, a handheld will always have a fantastic selection of games for players to try. You could think about embracing the vast openness of space with these themed slots or delving deep into uncharted territories to explore. There is no end to the types of games that you could choose to play. There are literally thousands upon thousands from which to choose.

On top of this, the mechanics for handheld games can be a slightly different experience than other gaming modes. There are often fewer buttons on a handheld than on a console controller, and there are fewer inputs than you can find with a keyboard. As a result, you will often find some unique mechanics and changes that make playing a handheld game different from even the same title on another platform.

Don’t forget about the style of games, too – platformers work exceptionally well with handheld gaming. Though there are plenty of other types of competition out there that you could try, there is no denying the playability of a good platformer on a handheld console.


Another reason why handhelds are so beloved will always be their portability. The great thing about these types of consoles is that they can be picked up and taken anywhere. You could be on the bus or even on top of a hill, and all you have to do is pull out the handheld, and you’re ready to start one of your favourite games.

Handheld consoles have been popular for years because of this feature. Many adult players who enjoy playing on the Vita probably like doing so if they played on a Gameboy or some other type of console when they were younger. Bear in mind the Gameboy is over thirty years old. Though they might be playing very different game styles now, there will still always be that air of nostalgia when they decide to play their more modern counterpart.

Exclusive Games

Of course, some players also choose to play handheld games as they will only try out a particular game on that platform. Mucking around with emulators to get a game to run on a computer can be incredibly difficult. Many people instead prefer to play the game on its intended platform.

Exclusive games work best on the platform for which they were initially intended. With exclusive games, you will often find a very high-quality match developed specifically to fit within the limitations of the handheld console spectacularly. Everyone should try to play a few console-specific games at some point – it is a very different experience than playing a ported game.

Though many gamers will try to pretend that big consoles and the PC are the only platforms worth trying, there is much value in handheld consoles like the Vita. They often gather loyal fanbases and prove to many that exploring different types of gaming can deliver some fantastic gameplay experiences. If you want to expand your understanding of gaming, the best thing you can often do is try a handheld game!

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