Why advanced technology is vital for online casinos


If you have noticed the growth of online casinos recently, you are not alone. This way of having some fun and maybe winning money is very popular right now. According to recent figures the online casino sector is currently worth around £5 billion per year in the UK alone. This is a sector that is growing rapidly in other areas of the world – the USA for example has started to make it legal in some states. NJ casino sites are a great illustration of this and show just what a growing market for online casino play there is at the moment.

For many Sony fans, it is therefore a little strange that there are not many decent gambling games for the Vita. With the exception of a few pinball tables in The Pinball Arcade, and lacklustre games like Vegas Party that attempt to bring the casino experience to the handheld, the Vita hasn’t done too well. Infact the best we have seen have only been released in Japan so far in the shape of the regional exclusive Slotter Mania series. Great if you are a fan of slots games and can read Japanese… but no use for the rest of us!

But while we wait for real cash games to make their way onto the Vita, there are always online casino sites to try instead. One thing that has contributed greatly to the rapid growth of these sites is the technology that powers them. But just why is the tech behind online casinos so important to their success?

Allows the whole industry to exist

From the internet itself to the platforms that casinos are built on and more, the whole sector could not exist without the latest technology to power them. This is the single biggest reason why constantly improving technology is so important to the industry. After all, how could you play on a digital casino without the internet to first find it and then give you access to it? For this reason, tech is super critical to the whole online casino industry.

Helps to keep casinos safe

Cybercrime is a big concern for all online industries and online casinos are not exempt from attack. As they need to take your personal and banking details when you open an account, they become attractive targets for hackers. Security technology is therefore very important to digital casinos as it gives them a way to stay secure and to ensure that users can be confident their personal data will not be stolen. The most effective security tool is SSL encryption which helps to keep any transactions and personal details securely inaccessible to hackers. Online casinos also make use of high-level firewalls to protect their servers and many will offer two-step authentication when users log into their accounts.

It helps make them enjoyable to play at

Another reason that technology is so important to online casino sites is that it makes them fun and enjoyable to play at. This is the primary demand most users will place on any site and tech helps the casinos to offer this. User experience is key to casinos succeeding online and being able to attract players. From faster web hosting, which helps deliver responsive sites, to faster internet speeds which makes play more enjoyable, tech plays a big role. We should also not forget how important technology is in helping bigger and better games to be produced. Games studios can use the increased processing speeds that casino sites and user devices now have to deliver games with sharper graphics and better sound.

Tech has made mobile play possible

Being able to play casino games on the move from a smartphone has been very important to online operators by allowing them to grow to the level they now enjoy. Mobile play has helped to make online casinos available whenever you need them, look more contemporary and bring more people into online casino play who would not have done so otherwise. Many people now play mobile casino games on their lunch break or when they have a few spare minutes to kill. These same people are unlikely to actually have the time or inclination to log on at home to play on a desktop device. Mobile technology has played a huge part in this and the increase in the processing power of phones has played a big role. When you also add in the advances in network speed and coverage, it is easy to see how technology has played its part.

Online casinos have a lot to thank tech for

 As the above shows, online casino sites have a lot to thank technology for: they simply would not exist without it! From the internet to other developments in tech, the success of playing casino games online could not have happened alone. As both sectors are constantly moving forward, it will be interesting to see where they head next.

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