When did Nevada legalize online gambling?

Nevada is one of the first states you think of when talking about gambling in the United States. It has a long history with gambling, and this was a part of the state’s culture for more than a century. Despite the earlier attempts to ban gambling, games of chance had plenty of fans throughout the 19th century. After trying unsuccessfully to discourage players, the Nevada State Legislature decriminalized some forms of gambling and by 1919, cities across the state had legalized gambling.

A century of American gambling excellence

The popularity of gambling grew throughout the 20th century, with Boulder Club, Las Vegas Club, Exchange Club, and Northern Club being the first casinos licensed in the 30s. More licenses were awarded in the 40s and the 50s when casino and hotel construction greatly expanded. Despite the low state population, it became a magnet for major casinos and gambling operators.

As the gross gaming revenue increased in the 60s, the state’s population nearly doubled and Harvey’s, Caesar’s Palace, Aladdin, Circus Circus, Four Queens, and Landmark opened their doors. The state continued its meteoric rise, propelled forward by gambling revenues in the 80s and 90s. New investments were announced and soon completed, with huge properties erected over the next few decades.

Nevada legalizes online gambling in 2011

UIGEA brought online gambling to a standstill nationwide and forced leading operators to leave the country. In 2011, Nevada lawmakers passed a bill that would allow the state to legalize Internet gambling as soon as the government would sanction it. It took a while for this to happen and eventually they had to work with other states to create compacts. The goal was to win the race with its East Coast casino rival, as New Jersey was also preparing to legalize gambling.

In 2013, Sandoval and Nevada’s legislative leaders passed a bill that would keep the state at the forefront of gambling regulation. They considered the bill to be essential for the state’s economy and wanted to make sure that players had a legal way to gamble. The advantages are self-evident for punters, who no longer must take chances with unlicensed and potentially dishonest operators. The swift action of state legislators allowed them to play their favourite games legally and securely.

Since Nevada legalized online gambling, other states have passed similar bills to create a more favourable environment. “Some states went a step further to also legalize sports betting at pokersaid a JeffBet analyst, while others chose to stick to casino entertainment. In Nevada, the competition between land-based and online casinos remains strong, but the pie seems to be large enough for both. People continue to flock to Las Vegas, but appreciate the options provided by Internet gambling.

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