Whatever Happened To… Pixel Noir?

Despite being funded on Kickstarter several years ago, the crowded funded detective RPG Pixel Noir has still failed to materialise on the PS Vita.

Successfully funded in early 2016, the game was promised for the PC, Mac, PS4 and PS Vita. Other versions were added as stretch goals were reached. The initial target date of November 2016 came and went, and almost three years later there are still no finished games available.

To their credit, developers SWDTech have provided backers with regular updates on the game’s progress. An early release was issued through Steam to all backers (regardless of the format they chose) containing the first few levels And as a backer I received a code so I can attest to this taking place. But there is still work to be done including the development of the last few levels.

On the console front the 3DS port has been cancelled, being replaced with the Nintendo Switch. This is understandable as Nintendo themselves have moved focus following the announcement of the Switch Lite. But there has been no news of the other console ports.

Last year SWDTech confirmed to me that the Vita version was still happening and when I asked them last week about the console ports they clarified that their plan was to complete the PC version first before moving onto the console versions. Without knowing what development tools are being used this leaves the question hanging as to how long we will have to wait for the other releases. Apart from backers will anyone be interested in a Vita port by that point? More worryingly, if there are more delays before work begins would there still be enough backers who want a Vita port to make it financially viable?

There is also one other cloud hanging over the game… The developers have partnered with a publisher to bring the game to market and again I questioned this. BadLand Games. Despite the issues surrounding Axiom Verge, SWDTech are distancing themselves from that and staying with the publisher citing the risk of  increased costs in switching at this time. Whether this will be a costly mistake only time will tell.

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