What type of games are still missing from the Vita’s repertoire?


Although physical cartridge games and the system itself ceased production in March 2019, the Sony PlayStation Vita still has a loyal following of gaming fans. Loved for its powerful processing capabilities, cool looks and handy portable design, the Vita is still played by many when they need a quick mobile gaming fix. Helped by the ability to easily port over PS3 and PS4 titles onto the system, the Vita has also benefited from a good roster of games to choose from.

Despite this varied back catalogue of games to choose from, some PlayStation Vita fans still feel that there are certain genres missing from its roster. Although physical titles are not being made anymore in the West (and with most others being produced only as limited edition releases), digital download games are still available when ready. This means that gaps in the Vita’s repertoire could yet be sorted out. But which sort of games would it be cool to try out on the Vita which are currently missing?

Lack of competitive gambling games

One area that many Vita fans feel could be improved is the absence of player versus player, competitive gambling games. At present, this means Vita players have to visit an online casino site to do this using a PC or Android/iOS device. While there are many fine ones around, including https://bitcasino.io, some Vita fans would prefer being able to do this directly from the Vita. Whether it is a tournament-based title around something like Poker or a compendium of popular casino table games to battle it out with other Vita players on, this is something that is a glaring omission at the moment.

More games from big developers

While there have been big franchise games released on the Vita in the past, such as FIFA, the majority of the games in its roster are from independent developers. This is certainly true of recent years where most major Western publishers abandoned the system. While the continued support from indie developers can be a good thing in terms of encouraging new ideas and creativity, many Vita players would like to see a few more big titles from the well-known brands on its books.

More sports games as well 

To be fair to Sony, the Vita does have a range of sports games for players to try out. The issue for some is that there seems to be certain sports that are missing or not well represented compared to others. Ice hockey is one example, as is boxing. To help redress this and make sports fans on the Vita a little happier, Sony could have encouraged developers and publishers to expand their sports titles on this system.

Can the Vita offer a little more?

Since its launch, the Vita is believed to have sold around 16 million units globally. This leaves a lot of loyal fans and players needing to be looked after. While the range of Vita games you can play on this system is fairly wide-ranging, there are some gaps that irk a section of the Vita fanbase still. While Sony seem to have no desire to fix this, the indie developers and those still loyal to the platform and ones who are still proving that it IS a profitable outlet for their titles could well guarantee that the Vita cement its place in gaming history.

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