What to Consider for a Gaming Setup


One of the greatest things about the PS Vita is its portability. While the initial promise of offering the power of a console in the palm of your hands appealed to early adopters, its real strength  was where Nintendo have been dominant for so long – gaming on the go. While the games we’ve been able to play on the Vita have changed, moving more towards the indie titles prevalent on the PC, that hasn’t been taken away. If anything, these bite sized games have proven to be perfect fodder for our favourite console.

Companion Systems

But the PS Vita is seven years old. Most of us rely on more than just the Vita for our gaming needs. Be it consoles, with most no doubt loyal to Sony opting for the PlayStation 4. Others turning to the PC for the diverse range of high-end gaming and indie titles. In both cases, we get to see games that either won’t be available for the Vita or with the PC indie titles that we might get to see in the future. Certainly with the PC and smaller developers, games that could well be ported by publishers like Ratalaika.

But for those of us who do look elsewhere for our platforms of choice, what’s the best way to go about it?

Getting Started

Setting up a gaming console is not as difficult as it might seem. With the right equipment and a good chill spot in your house, then you are good to go. You, however, have to ensure that you consider other members living in your household not to inconvenience them. Every game likes his or her personal space, so you will need a spot where there is less disturbance. If you enjoy playing computer games, you may find that investing in a quiet keyboard, for example, can make a significant impact in your ability to concentrate on your game. If you don’t know what to look for in quiet gaming products, such as a keyboard, be sure to look at A Quiet Refuge, which is a great resource that can help you understand the intricate nuances that are important when investing in quiet gaming accessories.

Select a Comfortable Chair

Well, we can all agree that gamers spend a long time when you get to playing your favorite game. It is not uncommon to find one going for like five hours non-stop playing a particular game. Sitting for such long hours can negatively affect your well being and especially your back. If you want to avoid those excruciating back pain and other back problems, then you better find a comfy chair that you can go for hours on end.

Get the Right Desk

Relative to a comfortable chair, is an appropriate desk on which to place your system if you opt for a PC. A good desk is paramount and determines how well you will be able to play your games. Consider the size of the desk relative to your gaming system and the size of your room. It also has to match with your chair to ensure that you have a comfortable playing position. The more comfortable your desk is, the better the experience you will have when playing.

Type of PC

As a gamer, you want a powerful personal computer with just the right specs. Gaming requires high-speed machines with super processors to prevent lagging especially when playing high-end games. It can be very discouraging and boring to wait for features in a game to load. You need a PC with a dedicated graphics card to ensure that you get quality images and no lagging at all. Since you will be running your computer for very long hours, you will need one with supercooling fans to prevent overheating.

Keyboard and Mouse

These are two key devices that you cannot afford to ignore. Find a keyboard and a mouse with features that are suited for gaming. The ordinary devices might not suffice the various special controls required in some games. Make sure also that the mouse and keyboard you choose are high powered to give instant commands suitable for a smooth flow of a game. A mouse with an advanced optical sensor is a bit faster than your ordinary one. You also need one that you can customize depending on what you want to do with it.


Special gaming lights add a touch of class and spectacle to your gaming experience. Using normal lights is boring and cumbersome. You will soon get tired of sitting in your gaming spot. However, lights that illuminate your space flowing with the rhythm of your games induce more interest and adrenaline to keep playing and enjoying.

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