What Features Should The PS Vita 2 Have?


Once again, the online PS Vita community are discussing whether or not we would want to see a PS Vita 2 from Sony. Afterall, their track record with the original Vita has been less than satisfactory, so can we really put our faith in them to deliver on the goods next time? A future handheld console from Sony, should they decide to produce one, wouldn’t be perfect, but there are a lot of lessons that could be learned from the PS Vita moving forward…

Backwards Compatability

I wouldn’t expect a future console to use the same cartridge ports. That would only serve to limit what new hardware could offer, but backwards compatability through downloads is a must-have feature. By now existing Vita owners will have a huge library of games, and many will have downloaded titles previously for the PSP, or even older PSOne and Minis via PlayStation Plus. Being able to run all of these on a single system will immediately give gamers a reason to jump on board knowing their existing digital collection will function.

Memory Card Support

The PSP’s use of the MemoryStick Duo was frustrating, but the Vita’s proprietary memory cards was one of its most hated features. If a PS Vita 2 does happen, then it won’t be accepted by the masses without adopting low-cost MicroSD cards for its storage. And, frankly, this is a non-negotiable option. As game sizes increase, gamers won’t want to spend the same amount on storage as they do on the console itself.

A Better Browser

Even though we’re talking about a games console, as a handheld device the Vita’s browser was still a useful feature. However, it was woefully dated. We need a more powerful browser that is capable of handling anything from basic email tasks, online shopping, and offers full Javascript and HTML5 support. There are thousands of websites out there that the PS Vita simply couldn’t access or run properly and this would need to be addressed. Just one site alone for example, https://plays.org has hundreds of free online games, but the PS Vita can’t run any of them.

Media Apps

It’s not a case of trying to compete with mobile phones and tablets, but most console manufacturers realise that people do use or want to use their systems for more than just games. Even if Sony don’t develop apps themselves, they have a responsibility to actively encourage media companies to bring their services to their platforms. All Sony would need to do is bring a few key streaming media services over, and the rest would in all likelihood follow.

But who should these key players be? My money would be on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Video, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube. Once they are on board, it shouldn’t be difficult to bring others to any future consoles.


The Vita offered wi-fi, bluetooth for pairing devices, and 3G on one of the earlier models but it’s time for an upgrade. Wi-fi capabilities should be upgraded to a wi-fi 6 adapter for improved performance, keep bluetooth for headsets etc. As for mobile networks, 5G would be a must but rather than having this as an optional feature. I’d argue that it should be included as standard and unrestricted so not tied to any network provider.


Finally, in terms of the physical device for the most part the PS Vita got it right. I think the rear touch pad isn’t essential and only a handful of Vita games ever used it. That could affect compatability (unless there’s a workaround) but it’s not really an important component. The Switch Lite has proven that two shoulder buttons on each side can work well so that’s a must. The general control layout is fine though, but if an L3/R3 function could be added (pushing down on the analogue sticks) then that would be the icing on the cake.

Well, those are my thoughts but what would YOU want to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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