What Can We Expect from Gaming in 2020?

Gaming, both on PC and console platforms, has been on a steady rise over the past few years. Gamers and players can only speculate as to the real combination of circumstances that are making this happen but the rise of Esports and the release of new AMD CPUs could be two of the biggest factors driving this rise. As gaming continues to rise, game developers and related parties are hard at work to ensure that they bring you the best games and gaming experiences possible. From the projected trajectories, 2020 is billed to be another big year for all parties involved, developers, manufacturers and gamers alike. Below, we look at some of what we can expect from gaming in 2020.

New Consoles

Consoles seem stuck in the past with personal computers offering better graphics, a wider array of games, and a better gaming experience. Microsoft seems to have realised that the time is now perfect to bring to market their latest and greatest console yet, the Xbox series X. Microsoft describes this console as the “most powerful” console yet and if the rumours about its specs are true, this might very well be true.

It is rumoured that the new Xbox will come with a new and more powerful processor, which will put the gaming experience of the new Xbox at par with that of a computer. The Xbox will be able to play new and remastered older titles at a much higher fidelity and frame rates and thus offer a better gaming experience for those who get it in 2020. The price of the Xbox has not been announced yet, but it is rumoured to come in at around $400. if you don’t want to save up for the new Xbox, try a cashlady loan alternative and pay it back from your next pay packet.

More Vita Support

Something we never expected to be saying about 2020, but there is still a healthy flow of games being announced for the PS Vita this year. A large amount of these are ports of indie PC games from the likes of Ratalaika Games and Sometimes You. However, there are brand new titles still being announced. Eastasiasoft soft continue to surprise us with digital and physical releases, more games are hitting stores in Japan and only this week NIS America announced that Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen is coming to the Vita in May!

New and Remastered Games

Game developers are starting where they left off in 2019, remastering old games to take advantage of the nostalgia associated with them or improve sales by selling better games from their old portfolios. Final Fantasy 7 will get slicker, modern graphics and visuals when it is released as a remake some time in 2019. Fans of the series have been asking for this remake for years, and it seems developers have obliged them. Resident Evil 3 will also receive a revamp with Capcom, the game’s developer, stating that it will offer a better overall gaming experience for players. It also seems like Capcom is riding off the success of its remake of Resident Evil 2.

Fans of the Doom series will be happy to learn that a sequel of the 2016 Doom reboot is on its way. The game will lean heavily towards its horror genre with players facing off against demons and other nefarious entities. Half-Life: Alyx is also coming out in 2020. In a departure from the way they have done things in the past, Valve is releasing the new game on VR. The game’s events happen between the Half-life and Half-life 2 storylines.

There is so much to expect from the world of gaming in 2020. It seems game developers are finally listening to gamers and console and computer manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of how immersive and visually striking their games can be.

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