Vita Player YouTube Channel Makes First Step Towards Increased Acessibility


A post on Twitter earlier today got me thinking about our YouTube channel. Our deputy head here at Infinite Frontiers, Marcos Codas, commented about YouTube channels in general and that he felt that there was no reason why videos shouldn’t be offering closed captions (subtitles) as standard. And truthfully he was 100% correct.

While it’s a feature that YouTube has offered for a while, automatically generating them for viewers, they can often be hit-and-miss. So starting today we’ll be going through our channel and adding captions to our entire channel. We’ll be using YouTube’s own auto-generated captions as the basis for our work to speed up the process and get them done as quickly as possible, then edit them for accuracy but we’ll aim for a few videos every week.

As new videos go live we’ll aim to get captions done within a few days. We’ve already done the first and created a new playlist where we’ll add videos as they’re done. You can find the first one below but expect to see all our older videos updated as quickly as possible. If you have any particular requests, please let us know in the comments and we’ll aim to give those priority.

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