Vita Player Magazine Launch Issue Advertising Special Offer!

To mark the launch of our new digital PS Vita magazine this October, we’re running a special limited promotion on our advertising rates for our first issue! For companies interested in booking full page adverts in our new magazine, we are offering a massive 50% discount on our advertising costs for the first issue, with a 10% discount on our standard rates for anyone booking a second advert for Issue 2 at the same time!

What is Vita Player Magazine?

Vita Player Magazine is scheduled to be released every two months, starting in October 2021. It will be a free digital download spanning at least 48 pages in each issue. Unlike traditional gaming magazines, we won’t be covering news or current happenings in the PS Vita world. As the console and it’s mainstream lifespan has come to a natural end, instead each issue will focus on a different aspect of PS Vita gaming – a specific game genre, publisher, series and so on.

Issues will feature reviews, interviews, features and more and will have a mix of revised content from our website and brand new material written exclusively for the magazine, and content from our readers. Issue 1 is dedicated to the arcade shoot-em-up genre and is already shaping up to be a great launch issue with at least one interview secured, numerous reviews already at the editing stage and approximately 60% of the magazine already completed.

What is your track record, and experience with the PS Vita?

We launched the Vita Player website in 2012 so we’ve been covering the console online for almost a decade. The organisation behind Vita Player – Infinite Frontiers – was formed in August 1989 and since that time has been responsible for developing Amiga software, producing a range of print based fanzines, running fan clubs, Star Trek and Transformers conventions (including the Transformers convention Auto Assembly that ran from 2000-2015) and we currently operate three websites and a YouTube channel.

We’ve collaborated not only with Vita developers but companies big and small since we were established in 1989 and expect to be around for a long time to come.

What are your advertising rates?

We offer three different rates for advertisers in the Vita Player Magazine. A standard page is £50, the inside front cover is £75 and the back page is £100. We are offering a 50% discount on these for Issue 1 (£25, £37.50 and £50 respectively). Should you wish to book an advert for Issue 2 at the same time, we will reduce this advert by 10% to £45, £67.50 and £90.

To book any of these or for more information, get in touch with us using our Contact Page.

How will the magazine be distributed?

The Vita Player Magazine will be distributed freely as a PDF file available directly from this website once each issue is released. We will actively promote it via social media to our 6,000+ followers on Twitter as well as our 2,500+ followers on our additional Twitter accounts. We will also promote it via all of our associated Facebook groups and pages, as well as within the online PS Vita community to ensure maximum exposure for both the magazine and any advertisers who choose to support us.

We have a creative team working on the magazine who will also be promoting it through other outlets to ensure that the magazine will reach it’s full potential. Being a free title we expect it to be downloaded and distributed to thousands of PS Vita owners worldwide.

* * *

We look forward to releasing the magazine soon and we hope you’ll join us with this exciting new project!

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