Vita Player Magazine Issue 3 Update

Regular Vita Player site visitors may have downloaded our free PS Vita fanzine, Vita Player Magazine. While we had hoped to release the magazine every two months, the more observant of you out there will have noticed that we still haven’t released Issue 3 yet. Originally planned to be released in March 2022, it is running several months late. We wanted to give you all an update and answer any questions about the next issue…

Delays and the Real World…

The last few months have been quite tough for us here at Infinite Frontiers. As a team we’ve had to deal with a lot of health issues, changes in personal circumstances and many of us struggling with increasing demands on our time with work and other personal commitments. That has stretched us beyond our normal capacity to create the content we normally do. Add to that my own circumstances including family bereavements, and spending a lot of time away from the PC and sadly all our work here has suffered.

It has been frustrating, but despite having a reasonably healthy team in terms of size, we have been overwhelmed by circumstance. That would be bad enough if we only ran a single website, but we do far more than that. We’re currently running three sites, two fanzines and a YouTube channel and frankly we simply had a few months where we couldn’t cope.

Vita Player Magazine Issue 3 – Theme

As always, Issue 3 will have a theme and this time it’s Retro Gaming. Specifically, we’ll be looking at a wide selection of old-school retro games that have been made available to PS Vita owners over the years – either through compilations or as standalone releases. This will include games releases for the PSP, Minis and PSOne Classics range. We’ll also be looking at remakes and remasters and some of the best of those that have landed on the PS Vita.

Release Date

While we’re still working on the magazine, we don’t want to promise a release date just yet. We want to make sure that we can deliver the best issue we possibly can for all of you and don’t want to rush it to meet a deadline.

Work Completed So Far

At the moment, we’ve done about 25 pages for the magazine, all of which are reviews. It’s our intention as always to include a couple of articles, an interview, our Reader’s Letters section and our Reader’s Forum sections. Reviews will be made up of existing content on the website, updated and revised and brand new reviews written for Vita Player Magazine.

Get Involved!

With the release of Issue 3 likely to be at least a month or so away, there’s plenty of time for YOU to be a part of the next issue. We’re looking for our readers to get involved in any of the following:

  • Reader’s Reviews – your reviews of any modern or classic game that fits with our current theme for this issue. As long as we haven’t already covered it, then we’d love to see it. And there’s a prize for the best review we publish of a mystery SEALED PS Vita game too!
  • Reader’s Letters – send us your letters in about anything connected with retro gaming on the Vita, or Vita gaming in general. As always, the Star Letter published in each issue wins a prize!
  • Reader’s Forum – keep an eye out on our Twitter account for details on how to get involved here.
  • Articles – we’d love to see anything you want to write about the PS Vita, although obviously for this issue it needs to be about the Vita in relation to retro games.

For all of the above, drop us a message using the contact form link below.


Finally, we’ve still got space 3 for anyone interested in booking advertising, so if you want to promote your business to thousands of PS Vita fans worldwide, drop us a message using our contact form.

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