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Well, we’ve been away for what has seemed like an eternity here at Vita Player. It’s been an incredibly busy few months for us behind the scenes which has – unfortunately – meant that we haven’t been able to work on the Vita Player website for some time and for that we can’t apologise enough to all of you. For those of you who have been following us on Twitter and Facebook, you will know that we are also responsible for running the European Transformers convention, Auto Assembly and it’s most recent event took place back in August. Every year, for 6-8 weeks in the run up to this, I have to dedicate most of my spare time to the convention because of the sheer scale of the event. It’s not Europe’s largest of its kind for no reason but the demands it puts on my time are immense!

Following that, when I returned home, my PC had to go off for repair following months of recurring problems and then things became even more complicated… I moved house! No small distance either – over 160 miles from the heart of England to South Wales and we had less than a month to view the house, to decide whether we were accepting, pack up everything and move! If it wasn’t for Sven’s help, it wouldn’t have been possible.

That wasn’t the end though… we were then left without an internet connection, and my PC was boxed up for weeks. To help improve the convention (and in turn Vita Player), one of the spare rooms in the house has been transformed into an office / library and eventual games room. To get it ready, it’s had to be decorated, carpeted, had my old PC desk rebuilt, bookcases put in place and finally after over two months we’re back up and running so where next for Vita Player?

Well, we have a LOT of reviews on the way starting today. No less than NINETEEN reviews are at the editing stage waiting to go live with a lot more being written. We’re going to be bringing in new blood to help with the news side of the site and we’ll be adding a forum as well in the next week! To ensure that we get them online as quickly as possible, the next batch of reviews won’t have screenshots initially but we wanted to make sure that you could at least read what our team have to say!

Anyway, we hope that you’ll keep coming back as we have a lot of great reviews, news, features and interviews planned for the coming days / weeks ahead!

Simon Plumbe

Site Editor, Vita Player

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