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We’ve been asking all of you to support our fundraising campaign to raise money for the games industry charity GamesAid but we know that some of you have questions about what we are doing so we’ve tried to gather them all together and answer as many of them as possible here.

Q. Will you be broadcasting the gaming marathon live on Twitch?

Unfortunately not. The Vita itself has no video output and we don’t have custom hardware so we can’t produce any sort of live stream from our own Vita set up so the only potential streaming that we could do would be filming of myself sitting down playing on the console either from a distance or over my shoulder not something that would make for exciting viewing! Because of where we live we also have a relatively slow internet connection speed (which also has to be used as our main source of television for the household) but we have done some tests and we can confirm that we WILL be streaming part of the marathon live on Youtube but this will more be an interactive chat stream while I play but may have to be limited to a few sessions of 1-2 hours at a time because of technical issues with our internet set-up and using the Vita for online gaming.

One thing we must stress is that the video / sound quality for these will be somewhat limited because of the set-up we are going to have to use (and in many cases the games themselves may not be too clear on screen) but at least you will be able to see that we are playing games on the Vita and our commentary will be able to talk through what we’re doing.

Without over-complicating matters, the marathon gaming session will be taking place in two parts of my home – my upstairs office / library / gaming room which houses my PC (but has a very weak wi-fi signal) and downstairs which has no PC but is where our wi-fi router is which is ideal for the online gaming segments (and easier for me to reach the kitchen for the essential late-night food!).

Q. What happens if you don’t reach your £1,000 target?

As donations are made they are automatically paid directly to GamesAid, whether they are made online or by text so the funds are safe with them. As this money has already been given, we are 100% commited to this challenge and we guarantee that it will take place no matter how much we raise whether it’s £100, £1,000 or £5,000 – we’re just as dedicated to making it happen!

Q. If I donate any games to you rather than a text or online cash donation how would you use these to raise money?

The ideal option would be to sell these through eBay. Many charities are registered with eBay and if auctions are clearly identified as being listed for charity then eBay will waive or reduce listing and selling fees to ensure that as much money as possible will go to the charity in question. We’ll actively promote each listing through the website, Twitter, Facebook and through all our other social media outlets to maximise the amount we can raise.

Q. How will small donations help?

Even though our goal is to raise £1,000 and this can be achieved through larger donations of £5, £10 or more, even if people supporting us with £1 text or online donations these will add up quickly the more people who support us. £1 is only the cost of a bar of chocolate and less than a pint of beer so for most people it’s not something noticeable, certainly not if it’s done by text unlike larger amounts but if a lot of people made these small donations the target can be reached easily. This is what makes text giving so effective – it’s quick, cheap for people to do but makes a real difference by quantity rather than individual amounts.

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