Vita now able to run Vita backups, dev team disbands over leak

We reported a couple of weeks ago that the Vita had been finally hacked, allowing for custom software to be run on it. However, that particular piece of software didn’t allow for backup of Vita games to be run, a feature left out specifically by the developer.

However, a group calling themselves Team FreeK (made up of hackers going by the names of Major Tom, TheFlow0 and Mr. Gas) started working on software to run Vita backups about 4 weeks ago.

The resulting piece of work was dubbed “Vitamin” and wasn’t actually supposed to come out yet.

However, Major Tom allowed an outsider access to the software. This outsider then leaked the current version of Vitamin, creating a domino effect that ended up splitting Team Freek up, apparently for good.

Here’s the tweet announcing the split:

There’s no going back now, though, as Vitamin is out in the wild and reports have started coming in that people are successfully running Vita backups on it.

However, not all is rosy in the land of backups: as Vitamin wasn’t finished when it was leaked, there have been some reports that users are experiencing corrupt save files and other types of data loss.

Torrent sites, meanwhile, have been surfing the waves of the leak, making Vita backups available in unprecedented numbers since Vitamin leaked a couple of days ago.

PS Vita had been touted as unhackable by Sony, in no small part due to its proprietary data storage cards.

We have yet to hear of an official Sony statement regarding Vitamin.


TheFlow0 is still working on Vitamin, and has recently published a tweet saying that he’s increasing compatibility for it:

Everything seems to point to continuing development of Vitamin.

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