Trolly Bird Update Coming To PlayStation Mobile

Trolly Bird PlayStation Mobile

The surprise PlayStation Mobile hit and clone of the infamous Flappy Bird, Trolly Bird, is getting a major update in the next week or two courtesy of its developer David Martinez…

Taking comments and suggestions into consideration from players, the following changes and new features have been made and implemented:-

  • the bird no longer dies when hitting the top of the screen
  • pipes are separated more equally
  • pipe gap  is opened up more (4 pixels) to make the game slightly easier
  • score counter now turns yellow when you surpass your own best score
  • David has re-written the way the game saves data. Previously it used to save every time you beat your best score, but some people experienced slowdown if they were downloading something on the PS Vita at the same time. As such now it saves your best score to memory card after you fail.
  • Online leaderboards!
We’ll let you know as soon as this goes live… now who’s up for a challenge?

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  1. Would be cool if the flickering was fixed too. It happens when you die and is noticeable in the swathe of video reviews/playthroughs on youtube.

  2. the “flickering” when you die is not a bug, it’s just a visual effect overlay that happens for 1 frame in front of the background (sometimes lasts a few more because it saves to the memory card at the same time).
    I’ll take it out next planned patch that will add a music track(which will be tug-gable before the start of the game).

Got any thoughts on this? Let us know!