First Impressions: TorqueL (PS Vita)

I can’t seem to find an inch of sympathy for TorqueL. Each time I try to tell myself it isn’t that bad, I think of another reason as to why it really is that bad.

Video games are often misinterpreted as an art form, and while many games perfectly show off their artistic values with a strong narrative, aesthetically pleasing use of colours, and unique variety of game mechanics–it can all be narrowed down to one thing–is the game actually fun?

In the case of TorqueL, neither of those can be applied. I can’t help but see the resemblance to those awful free flash games I’d play in 2007 during class to pass the time.

The game has no artistic value, no narrative and it just isn’t fun. The entire game feels like it was developed over a weekend by a high schooler that has just finished reading his first programming book and has no art skills.

Now I understand how harsh all this sounds, but I’m merely keeping my integrity. This is a video game that costs an incredibly steep £8.99 ($9.99), considering the lack of content, effort, and fun.

Feel free to pass on TorqueL, you are not missing out.

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