Top casino games on PlayStation Vita and PSP

The portability of both the PlayStation Vita and PSP makes them perfect for playing casino games. It takes only a second to power up the systems and play a couple of rounds of poker or blackjack when you have some time to kill. While Sony’s handheld consoles don’t have as many casino games as we would have liked, there are a few hidden gems that every virtual gambler should know about…

Best slots and table games on Vita and PSP

Despite the limited choice, one of the most in-depth casino games on the PlayStation Vita is Vegas Party, released by the small publisher Funbox Media in 2017. The game came out on several current-gen consoles, and the Vita version has all the features and modes available in the other versions. Vegas Party is a board game where four players compete to become the king of Las Vegas. Players take turns throwing a dice and moving along the Vegas strip. If a player lands on one of the casino squares, a specific casino mini game is triggered.

There are 12 different casino games in Vegas Party, including poker, roulette and slot machines. Of course, the selection of games is much smaller than one would find in the games lobby at TeleVega casino where players can enjoy slots, poker, blackjack and more, but we are happy to see that the most iconic table games are in place. Moreover, the casino games themselves are well made and fun to play, and some of them require real strategy and basic gambling knowledge. For example, you won’t earn many tokens if you don’t know how to play blackjack or if you are too slow to mark all the numbers off your bingo card. Vegas Party is a fun casino game for your Vita, even though we wish it came with online multiplayer.

Besides Vegas Party, the selection of casino style games on PlayStation Vita is very limited. There are only a few of them on the PlayStation store, and most are pretty poor in terms of quality, and most in fact are older legacy titles run under emulation from the Minis range.

But if you own the original PSP, you have access to a much better selection of poker and table games. If you like poker, you can check out poker games like World Poker Tour or World Series of Poker. These games simulate some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world and are incredibly realistic.

One of the most popular gambling games of all time is Hard Rock Casino, which launched on the PSP in 2007. Based on a license from Hard Rock, the game offers a wide variety of classic casino games. There are a total of 22 table games to choose from, including baccarat, craps, roulette, slots and many more. Once you have created your avatar, you are given a starting stack and are free to explore the casino as you like. The goal of the game is simply to build your virtual bank balance as much as possible. If you can find a copy of Hard Rock Casino, we recommend buying it and giving it a shot.

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