Three games all sports fans must play on Playstation Vita

It would be fair to say that the Sony Playstation Vita has probably seen its best days and, like an ageing professional boxer, it knows the glory days are gone but refuses to sneak out the backdoor and into retirement. That’s because the fans still want to see Vita perform one final encore. Those loyal to the platform are nostalgic and love the games as much today as they ever did. They aren’t about to surrender that support without a fight despite commercial game releases coming to an end some time in the next few months.

The PS Vita wasn’t known for churning out world-famous sports titles but the few that were released seemed to make a lasting impression on gamers. From lovers of the NFL to amateur ice hockey players. Those placing bets on their favourite soccer teams at online betting apps like Bovada lv to collectors of sports memorabilia. They all found their favourite teams and athletes featured on Vita.

Gaming and sports enjoy a working relationship

Video games and professional sports have had a long-lasting love affair from as far back as the early Pong games to the latest FIFA release. Sports fans love to take a step closer to the games they adore and get a unique feel for just what it would be like to feature for their team or play at their favourite venue. The attraction for sports-loving gamers will never die out so it’s no surprise to learn there was a fair share of popular options on Vita, games that could be described as small but mighty.

What was your favourite sports title on Vita? Ask any serious gamer that question and you had better find a comfortable spot to sit down as you are in for a long debate that won’t ever reach a definite conclusion. We aim to stir things up and muddy the water further by throwing our hat into the ring. Below you’ll find a few of our top recommended sports games on Playstation Vita. These are the thoughts of our team and nothing more. We understand that some of you may agree with our list while plenty more will rubbish our findings.

The titles included in our list below are still available today physically or through the PlayStation Store, even if you aren’t in complete agreement with each game selected, we do advise giving them a try. If you have never experienced these games on Vita then you are in for a treat. If you have played them in the past but haven’t for a while, it’s time to dust off the box and remind yourself why you bought the title in the first place. Let’s get going.

3. Everybody’s Golf

This remains a favourite with PS Vita fans as it was one of the launch titles that helped the device win the hearts of gamers. This wacky golf game utilises the features of Vita that were unique at the time, including touch-based, motion sensing and camera orientation controls. It’s fun but competitive and you can play at home with family or online. Roll back the years and dig this one out. You won’t be sorry.

2. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition

We are big fans of many tennis games, and Virtua Tennis 4 has always been one of our favourites. This title is probably better played at home as you may look a tad strange competing on the bus as the game pulls you in. It’s exciting, and there’s far more to it than simply smashing the ball and winning points. Angle the racquet and use the subtle motion sensors to help your player glide around the court and return shots. Plenty of practice is needed to get good at this one, but we think it’s time well spent.

1. Supremacy MMA Unrestricted

This title brings you about as close as you can get to being involved in a real fight without being punched in the face. The sound effects were one of the first things that impressed us, and with the camera angle bringing you up close and personal to the action, it’s gritty stuff. The controls of PS Vita suit this style of the game ideally, using angles and advanced motion sensors to work through moves, set traps for your opponent or break free from holds.

However, if you don’t own it this may prove to be something of a challenge getting hold of a copy as it’s one of the rarer “standard” releases for the console so if you ever come across one in the wild it’s worth grabbing a copy as quickly as you can!

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