The Unfinished Swan Heading To PS Vita?

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Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it looks as if there is a chance that the Playstation 3 game The Unfinished Swan may be making it’s way onto Playstation Vita. There’s been strong speculation recently that this could be the case after the Game Rating Board in Korea rated the game for both the Vita and the PS4. This is nothing more than speculation at the moment, as no announcement has been forthcoming from either Sony or Giant Sparrow.

The game was critically acclaimed on Playstation 3, with comparisons to Journey, flOw and flower being drawn. In a similar vein to those games, the title is more of an experience than a ‘game’ in the traditional sense, the plot following Monroe as he chases the titular swan through a painting, throwing balls of black paint in order to bring definition to and reveal the environment otherwise hidden in the blank canvas.

If true, it may be that an official announcement will be made at Gamescom.

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