The PS5 Is Starting to Look Like the Revolution It Promised. The new modified version of PS5

We want to present to you a little article about the new 2021-2022 design of the world’s greatest game console PS5, made by UK casinos not on Gamstop.

In November of last year we witnessed the world premiere of next-generation consoles from two of the world’s leading video game companies, Sony and Microsoft, launching the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Despite being a success in sales, as they were able to review in their respective financial reports of the companies, they said that the truth is that the results could have been better if it were not for the shortage of stock of the internal parts of each console. But also there is interesting information. Despite all the stock problems, PS5 is selling very well, reaching 7.8 million console sales worldwide as of March 2021, 200.000 more than PS4 in that same period of time.

Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said the company was considering solutions and strategies to improve the production and distribution of future iterations of their next-generation consoles. This version of the PS5 is not like the past versions of PS4 or PS4 Slim, it’s something new. One of the main measures they are considering is the redesign of the hardware, since they do not believe that the current situation will improve before March 2022 (COVID). Another thing that he says is “The shortage of semiconductors is one of the biggest factors, but there are also others that will impact the volume of production. […] For example we could find a secondary source of resources, or even by changing the design we could also get ahead.”

A redesign has arrived for Sony’s most recent console that would bring a number of quite interesting changes, but above all it would include a modification that could easily make the console more prone to overheating. Sony has been teasing the arrival of a new edition of its famous console, PlayStation 5, which is characterized by being thinner and lighter than the original release version.

PS5 Digital Edition, which is intended exclusively for the use of digital games and therefore does not have a slot for physical discs. When comparing the machine with the past version of the same edition, it is notable that its weight is reduced by almost 300 grams, which is quite remarkable considering that many users have noticed that the original console is considerably heavy compared to previous machines.

In addition to the decrease in weight, it is also thinner, but the way in which this achievement was achieved was discovered by opening the device and noticing a fundamental change in the internal structure. Unlike the release version, this planned revision is using a smaller and probably lower cost heatsink. When testing the console in operation, the difference is remarkable because in this new version it reaches between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius more than its predecessor.

Little conclusions

It is noted that the “redesign” consists of a new processor – a modified 6-nanometer chip from AMD. It also emphasizes that the new CPU will be cheaper than the one currently used in the PS5.

Considering that one of the factors contributing to the PS5 shortage is a similar global shortage of computer chips, Sony believes that a hardware upgrade could help address this issue and make it easier for people to buy a PS5.

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