The Popularity of Casino Games on Handheld Devices

Online casinos have become one of the biggest tech fevers in recent years. Indeed, the number and quality of the options available have spiked up. Players can thank a better internet, better mobile technology, and virtual casinos designed for consoles. While casino games stay in high demand on PlayStation systems, the most popular device remains to be mobile phones. Here’s why:

A Perfect Storm

There are thousands of online casinos out there, and new ones keep hitting the market almost every month. Licensing and regulating such platforms has become simpler and more transparent over the years. This transparency has been nurturing a boom in the online gambling segment. We’re talking about a market that crossed the USD 70 billion mark last year and is expected to keep expanding until 2030.

Most online casinos today are optimised for mobile gaming, and new ones are designed with a mobile-first approach in mind. This is not by chance, though. Smartphone ownership has never been higher worldwide: more than 80% of the global population has a smartphone. It means that any online gaming platform dedicated to mobile gaming has a huge potential market.

A faster internet also plays a vital role in expanding online casinos on handheld devices. After all, it would be impossible to play live games without a fast and stable internet. 4G is already doing this job handsomely, but the expansion of the 5G network is set to cause a real revolution in this niche.

Five Reasons Why

The first online casinos were launched in the mid-90s; by 2000, there were over 200 online casinos already. The internet, computers, and handheld devices looked nothing like today. For starters, mobile gaming was simply impossible back then. The first online casino apps reached the app stores worldwide only in 2008.

Google doesn’t allow apps for gambling with real money, but there are dozens of social casinos in its Play Store. Meanwhile, Apple users can find casino games for real money in the App Store. However, most mobile-friendly casinos today don’t even have an app; their platforms are designed to run on any mobile device, right on the web browser.

Check some key advantages of mobile gaming and why it’s almost outnumbering desktop gaming.

Anytime, Anywhere

The essential advantage of mobile casinos is the possibility of enjoying them anywhere, around the clock. Mobile internet has never been faster or more accessible, and that’s pretty much what any smartphone owner needs to gamble online. While many players still prefer desktop gaming, carrying bulky computers around just for a few spins is not very practical. So, the rise of online gambling can be partially credited to its mobile availability.

It’s More Intuitive

Mobile phones are more accessible than desktops. Although not everybody has a computer at home, almost everybody has a mobile device. About 46% of the senior population worldwide has a smartphone. Yet, few of them would feel comfortable dealing with a desktop PC. It turns out that mobile gaming is much more intuitive for them than using computers for the same task.

It’s More Interactive

A keyboard and a mouse can be cumbersome at times. Playing on a handheld device like a tablet or smartphone doesn’t require such peripherals. So, the interaction is more seamless on these devices. Besides, many studios integrate touchscreen features into their games. Such integration creates more realistic gameplay for such devices.


The first online casinos were operating under many suspicions about fairness, safety, and security. Nowadays, this market is regulated and well-developed enough to provide a safe gaming session for everyone. Licensed casinos guarantee the fairness of results, data security, and a gaming session which is free from scammers.

Games, Games Games

There was a considerable capability gap between an entry-level computer and a flagship smartphone. Nowadays, mobile devices and computers have access to the same games. Moreover, handheld devices can be carried anywhere and also be used anywhere; yet another advantage of PCs and laptops.

Bring Your Luck With You

Mobile gaming is no longer the future of the online casino industry, but its present. Such a fast internet will allow more interaction between handheld and wearable devices, like VR and AR glasses. Those technologies combined are expected to deliver an even more vivid gaming experience.

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