The Best Sports Games of All Time on PSP

If you’re a fan of sports – whether it’s playing sports, watching sports or even betting on sports – the chances are you will be interested in playing sports on your console. The PSP – PlayStation Portable, was one of the most convenient ways to play – as you can take the fun with you wherever you go. You can enjoy the thrill of sports such as football, tennis, horse riding and more on some of the best PSP sports games of all time. Here is our pick of the best PSP sports games released for the system.


No list of excellent PSP sports games could be without the addition of a FIFA game – and the one we include here is FIFA 07 – by gaming giant EA Sports. Not only does this game offer the most complete team lists, but it is also super realistic and very playable on PlayStation Portable controls – that can be a little awkward at times.

WWE SmackDown! Vs. Raw

Let’s move over to wrestling now – and the name of the top game here is Smackdown. This game manages to offer an experience very much in line with the standard PlayStation, with great graphics.

Virtual Tennis: World Tour

Here we have a tennis game that is arguably one of the best you can play on the PSP right now. You can take on the role of one of the best tennis players in the world – or create your very own champion.

MLB 10: The Show

Let’s head over to the US – and join Major League Baseball. MLB10 offers all sorts of features just like the console version of the game – including batter/pitcher analysis, progressive batting performance and even Road to the Show game mode – giving you a real taste of baseball action.

Pangya Fantasy Golf

This golf-themed game is also an excellent addition to the PSP gaming catalogue. It offers all sorts of cartoonish graphics and a simple gaming system – making it both fun and easy to play.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix

This skateboarding game has two game modes that any fan of skateboarding will know all about. When you play in Story Mode, you will be playing as a member of the team Tony Hawk and Bam Margera. Whereas, in Classic Mode you simply collect as many points as you can in two minutes.

Madden NFL 07

Another US sporting game comes in the shape of Madden NFL 07, all about the National Football League. This is a responsive game that offers simple controls and fun gameplay for the total experience.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

If you are looking for a golf PSP game that is realistic both in terms of gameplay and visuals, then this might be just the game for you. The PGA Tour on PSP has a ‘Tour Mode’ which allows you to build your career as a new player straight from scratch – to become the best pro golfer the world has ever seen.

SSX On Tour

EA Sports is famous for various titles – FIFA, Madden and also SSX – its extreme snowboarding game. Most of us won’t often get to experience the thrill of snowboarding in our lives – so this is a way you can find out everything that the game has to offer – without getting cold!

NHL 07

Another cold game, taking us right out of the UK – this time over to Canada and the US as we join the biggest Hockey League in the world – the NHL. The gameplay is very accurate and easy to use – and plays as well on the PSP as on the console.

NBA Live 06

This is another excellent game for those who enjoy a taste of US sports and like basketball NBA action. As well as the standard game mode like Exhibition Match and Season, there is the additional SuerStar Challenge mode – where you can make all the moves like the sport’s top athletes like the Shaq Attack.

So, there you have it – all the best sports games you can play right now on your PSP!

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