The Best Characters in PS Vita Games


It’s been almost twenty-five years since Sony launched the original PlayStation. Since then, they have not only established themselves as major players in the video game industry but have also presented us with many attractive characters that have captured the imagination of gamers around the world. We have compiled a list of the most popular protagonists from our favorite Vita games.

Kat, Gravity Rush

Kat is a shifter, the main character in the game Gravity Rush. At the beginning of the game, she does not seem self-confident but then becomes a real hero of the city of Hexville.

Kat is a very kind and sensitive girl who cannot stand still and do nothing if someone is in trouble. She is not interested in social rank, status, and material wealth of a person. Her only interest is in helping others.

Gravity Rush 07

Aaron Danner, Killzone Mercenary

The story takes place after the end of the first Killzone. The main character is a strong and brave mercenary Aaron Danner. He works for the company Phantom talon corp., performs combat missions, by all means helping the Vektan invasion of Hellgun. He is assigned to rescue the family of the Vektan’s ambassador, who suddenly lost his political immunity. Danner fails to save the ambassador and his wife, but their son is evacuated from the destroyed embassy; ​​after that, both sides of the conflict begin to hunt him. Now Danner has to deal with a more serious problem, save both races from destruction, and, most importantly, he has to understand why the boy is so important, and what a terrible “virus” there is.

Nathan Drake, Uncharted series

Nathan Drake is the main star of the Uncharted series, a kind of Indiana Jones from the PlayStation universe. The game represents Drake as a treasure hunter. He travels the world to find different artifacts and uncover historical secrets, battling with enemies who want to take these treasures from him. He’s no amateur who engages in this type of adventuring in his free time. He is a specialised treasure hunter – the type of stereotypical hero that you’d find as a “leading man” or male heatthrob role in any action adventure movie. Certainly the type of person in real life who you would think would be a magnet to the opposite sex. But everything is much easier in real life. You don’t have to be the sort of action hero Nathan Drake is to find someone, just visit a dating website, and you will surely find your own adventuring sidekick.

Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot

This might be a PSOne Classic but it’s still a great game for PS Vita owners and is a true timeless classic. Scientist Dr. Neo Cortex conducts experiments in his laboratory on a captured animal, Crash. He does this in order to fulfill his dream – to create an army and enslave the whole world. But by some confluence of circumstances, Crash escapes.

However, the doctor is not so stupid – he has a plan B. To return Crash, he kidnaps his girlfriend. As a result, Crash jumps out of the window and finds himself on the coast of the N.Sanity Island, and it is the beginning of the game. Throughout the game, this brave little animal tries to save his beloved girlfriend and conquer an evil scientist. The game, as the protagonist himself, is full of all sorts of humor: even the death of the main character looks funny. Visuals and humour aside, Crash Bandicoot is one of the most addictive platform games to grace the PlayStation family and it is still as good today as it was when it was first released.

Sackboy, Little Big Planet

The Little Big Planet series has the cutest protagonist ever – Sackboy. He looks like a small knit little man with a large oval head, two point-eyes, and wide mouth. He has a thin, oval body with a zipper down the centre. Sackboy is an excellent character who can dance as well as jump and run. The beauty of the protagonist is that you can change his appearance whatever you like. In addition, you can control his limbs and facial expressions, making him an even more fascinating character.

What makes the Little Big Planet series so popular is the customisable aspect of them. As well as creating you own levels and complete games, by customising Sackboy himself it engages with players in a whole new way. It opened up Little Big Planet to be a game for the whole family, as everyone could identify with him – having their own styles, costume preferences. You could play it your own way. It wasn’t just a game to play on your own but also one to share with a girlfriend or loved one as well even if she doesn’t like video games.

Kratos, God of War

Kratos is the protagonist of the God of War series. He first appeared in a game released in 2005. In this game, Kratos begins his journey to avenge his murdered family, which he continues to do in subsequent games in the series. Throughout the series, the character is depicted as an anti-hero, often committing immoral acts to achieve his goal. Before the events described in the games, Kratos was the commander of the Spartan army, interested only in increasing his own power by conquering his enemies.

Kratos is a strong and athletic warrior. The character wears only a linen bandage, sandals, and bracers with chains. On his body there is a large tattoo in the form of a red line, crossing his torso, back, left arm, and the left side of the head. His weapon is wide swords attached by chains to his forearms.

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