Team 17 Announces Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE For PS Vita

Things may have been quiet from the veteran publishers, but Team 17 have confirmed that they are continuing with their commitment to the PS Vita with the announcement of Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE for 2016 as part of their 2016 line-up from the UK studio. Following their move into publishing titles from external developers as well as working with their own IPs, Team 17 have confirmed the game although there is a second title, Allison Road, which they have currently not confirmed which platforms it will be released for so whether or not this will be a contender for a PS Vita release is as yet uncertain.

Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE

This is a a charming yet brutal 3D fighter/brawler. Brimming with old school attitude Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE is the kind of game you BEAT instead of finish. Playing as the awesome War Golem who is magically powered by awesomeness and destruction, you will engage in tactical and skill based combat as Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE pits you against multiple deadly enemies at once and includes epic boss battles!

Defend the realm against a rising evil that has swept the land in Story Mode or battle against not only enemies but the clock in the gruelling Survival Mode.

Allison Road

While not confirmed as a Vita release (or confirmed specifically for any other format for that matter) Allison Road is a narrative-driven survival horror game developed by entertainment industry veterans and life-long game enthusiasts.

It is late autumn and the trees and bushes have long lost their green summer coat. Thick clouds and rain dominate the grey days and chilly nights. With nothing but the sound of distant traffic and crows to pierce the omnipresent silence, you wake up one night without any recollection or prior events. Now it is your turn to uncover what happened to your family, and face off against the horrors that await in the house…

… and beyond.

What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark, in the safety of your own home?

If you couldn’t tell what’s real and what’s not?

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