“SwapQuest” coming to Vita in early 2016!

Another glorious day for Vita, as a new game gets announced! This time, it’s the turn of “SwapQuest”. Now, before you go all ape on it because it’s a port of a mobile game, let me tell you… it’s a port of an award-winning mobile game. Not all mobile games are bad, my friend. Only the bad ones.

Here’s a description of the game:

In SwapQuest, you play as Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma to find the holy sword Aventuril in order to defend the kingdom from the evil Horde that has invaded the land. You have to swap the tiles to build a road for the prince/princess. Collect gems, fight monsters, buy or find equipment, avoid traps, but above all don’t get caught by the horde at the bottom of the screen. The game features an epic journey through over a dozen different areas, each with their own unique enemies, special tiles and graphics. A branching path through the game world, two playable characters each with their own strengths, and a customizable character development allow for multiple playthroughs.


  • Pick-up-and-play mechanics bundled with complex RPG elements

  • Over a dozen places to explore, each with their own enemies and hazards

  • Two characters with unique strengths and weaknesses

  • 6 classes to choose from that evolve over the course of the game

  • Vibrant pixel art and an enchanting soundtrack

I’m personally looking forward to it! It looks fun as hell, and the mechanics are really smart. New take on an old genre? I’m always willing to give that a go.

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