After The Dust Has Settled 1: E3 aftermath and onto Gamescom.

E3 has been and gone, following the announcements of the PS4 and XBox One. Microsoft did a masterclass in not how to get E3 right. Sony couldn’t believe their luck with the PS4 but still pretty much ignored the Vita.

Reports from the show floor revealed that 30(?) new games were playable at the event, but around 25 of them were small indie games or PlayStation Mobile titles that did nothing to use the capabilities of the Vita, and in fact from a pure game/graphics/sound point of view (ignoring the control methods for a sec) could have been PSP titles.

Apart from Killzone, Batman and Tearaway, I honestly can’t think of another full blown release that is incoming off the top of my head. Is Need For Speed Rivals coming? Does it have crossplay with the PS4 or PS3 version? Who knows? The Vita message from Sony and every other publisher dealing with the handheld is decidedly muddy.

My hopes for Gamescom?

An official Vita price drop, a 4G machine and actually sensible memory card prices would help, but don’t deal with the underlying issues.

What needs to happen is Vita versions of the Sony’s own PS4 titles and them to have Crossplay from the off and extra features unlocked if you have both versions of the games – which individually have to offer a different experience from each other. Cross play on Drive Club for instance would be fantastic. Can I hope for Crossbuy or at least a voucher to get the download Vita version at half price if you have it on PS4?

On top of that plenty of Vita specific big titles (at least double figures!) because at the moment the argument to own a Vita over an Android device isn’t good enough.

PS4 and Vita pack – that should be a given… but then it should have been with the PSP and the PS3 frankly.

Oh and Sony – chuck the PS4 Eye in the box with the PS4 as standard and really stamp home your advantage over Microsoft’s folly.


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