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We have said before that Vita Player is a non-profit making site aimed at bringing you the best reviews and coverage possible for the PS Vita, whether you already own one of the consoles or if you are considering buying one. We want to make the site as comprehensive as possible, bringing you reviews of as many games as we can and ensure that eventually there isn’t a single game that we don’t feature on the site – whether it is a native PS Vita game or any other title that runs on the console as a download from the PlayStation Network Store – for the PSP, PS1, Minis or PlayStation Mobile.

Doing this isn’t easy. In addition to our basic site running costs (hosting, domain registration etc), we are all just gamers and Sony enthusiasts like all of you. We are not paid for running this site and we just do this out of a passion for gaming and a common interest and love of the Vita itself. At present we are covering games from our own personal collections and will continue to do so as long as the site is in existence and fortunately with our review team this does give us access to a large library but with the continuing flow of releases online and at retail it is hard for us to keep up.

At the same time we want to increase awareness of the site which can help us increase our advertising potential and income from advertising already on the site and bring other new opportunities to us. So how exactly can you help us…?

Spread The Word

A simple one really, but if you like what we do here why not tell others about us? The more people who visit Vita Player, the more software companies will be interested in supporting us and in turn we will be able to bring you even more in-depth gaming coverage. We are already working with a number of publishers and developers but as the site grows so will our range of industry contacts.

Share Our Stories

On every story, review and news item on the site you’ll see social media links allowing you to share features on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. If you like a review or something else we have published, please spare a moment and tell people. While this may not seem important, the more people who are aware of the site, the more impact and influence we can have as a website.

Join Us Online

We have pages on Facebook and Twitter so why not join us on there! We want to interact with as many of our visitors as we can (as well as through comments and polls here on the site) and eventually we would love to be able to add a forum here as well, but the more people who interact with us in other ways first will allow us to gauge the interest for all of this.


This is the final area where you can help… while we want to keep this site free for everyone to use as best as we can, if any of you do want to help us with our running costs we would be only too happy to accept offers of help towards our running costs. There are a few ways you can help here. As you can see, we have adverts on our site and if you are able to, please support our advertisers. These companies have either paid us for advertising space or in the case of our Amazon advertising we receive commission on sales. If you normally buy your PS Vita games from Amazon, purchasing them via the links on here means that you still pay the same price as you would normally, but it also helps us raise funds towards our site costs.

If you are able to help directly, there are three ways you can support our team and the site. Firstly, we know that the Vita has a major issue when it comes to its memory cards – basically, as players we can never get enough storage. At one time or another, we’ve all had to upgrade our memory cards or are looking at the prospect at having to do that. If you are in the position of having any unwanted memory cards – no matter how small – and you are able to donate them to us, we can make use of them with our team members so they are able to download more games from the PSN Stores for review. Even 4Gb cards can be incredibly useful for smaller titles such as the PlayStation Mobile range. If you can help, just drop us a line using the Contact Form.

At the same time, in order to review as many games as possible, we need support in sourcing games from the PSN Store. Contrary to popular belief, we are not provided with an endless stream of free games and we need to pay for everything we review and this costs money. If any of you are able to help by donating PSN vouchers, please get in touch. Even if you could only donate a £5 voucher code (all we would need would be to have the code emailed to us) it would make a massive difference, especially used for sourcing Minis and PS Mobile games.

Finally if you are able to, we can accept donations via PayPal. Even if you could only spare £1, it makes a difference to us with our site rental costs. We will acknowledge and publicly thank everyone on here who supports us with the site as we are running this for all of you. Please note that donations via PayPal will show up as being donated to Auto Assembly on PayPal as the account we use is shared jointly with Europe’s Largest Transformers Convention, a non-profit making event.


Thankyou for your support.

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