Super Icon’s Vektor Wars Coming To PS Vita?

Vektor Wars PS Vita

Long-time developer Super Icon Ltd, well known amongst PS Vita owners for the cult retro-themed platformer Life Of Pixel released for PlayStation Mobile, have been working on a 3D vector based shoot-em-up for some time, Vektor Wars which they are hoping to be able to bring to the PS Vita in the future.

Developed using Unity, the game is a retro-themed FPS rendered in glorious 80s action movie-style glowing vectors! Stranded on an unknown planet, communications with Earth all but lost. Unfortunately you arrived just after the planet was invaded by the Bezerkers; a hostile race of robots whose sole purpose is to destroy and colonize. Can you help liberate the planet and get word back to Earth? Battle through armies of laser spewing robot death. Fight every imaginable type of glowing metal monstrosity, and watch out for the odd nod here and there to popular sci-fi and videogame culture!


  • Beautiful retro wireframe graphics: battle through expansive maps and varied types of environment
  • Unique design: combination of vintage arcade gaming influenced by games such as Bezerk, Battlezone & Robotron, mixed with classic 80s sci-fi looks for a tense and exciting game experience
  • Classic arcade shooter gameplay: where the only things that matter are your game skills and the high-score!
  • A wide range of classic weaponry: including shotgun, rockets, plasma, lasers and the death-dealing BFG!
  • Loads of secrets and special items: to collect and share on social media

Vektor Wars is an action packed tribute to classic Arcade blasters such as Battlezone, Bezerk and Robotron, all rendered in ’80s 3D Vector-Vision’ (TM).

Because of development costs and ensuring necessary agreements are in place with SCEE to make it happen, at present Vektor Wars is only 100% confirmed for the PC despite Super Icon’s desire to bring it to the Vita. However, if like us and many others, you want to see Vektor Wars released for the PS Vita please spread the word online about the game through Twitter, facebook and let SCEE know that you want to see this game sooner rather than later. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the game here:-

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