SteamWorld Dig Set For Release On PS Vita And PS4 On 18th March

SteamWorld Dig PS Vita

The release date for the cult indie game SteamWorld Dig has been announced for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita for March 18 for the US and March 19th for EU territories as a download from the PSN Store.

Priced at $9.99 (US) and €8.99 (EU), the game will be available with a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus members for the first week. Starting on the launch date, the game will also feature in Sony’s Spring Fever promotion on PSN.

SteamWorld Dig will be available in a slew of strange, wonderful languages and will also be Cross Buy, which is nice: buy the game on either platform, and get it for free on the other as well. It will run at a smooth 60 fps in native resolutions on PS4 and Vita.

Branded as a “platform mining adventure” in a steampunk/Western setting, SteamWorld Dig lets players take the role of Eastwood-esque robot protagonist Rusty in order to save a mining town in need. The plot thickens as he digs deeper into an underground full of treasure and terrors…

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