Sony’s Home Success Grows

In news that can only be good for the PlayStation Vita platform, it appears that Sony have sold no less than 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles since launch in November, bolstered by the launch of the console in it’s home territory a little over a week ago.

This is of course, great news for the PlayStation brand, after the PS3 didn’t explode into the market as strongly as it deserved to in 2006/7.

Along with the strong sales of the hardware itself, more than 13.7 million pieces of software for the PS4 have been sold, giving an attach ratio of over two games per machine thus far (though this includes downloadable games as well as physical retail releases.) However it isn’t clear if this includes free copies of games downloaded thanks to PlayStation Plus.

As you would expect Sony have also stated a huge increase in the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers, which is to be expected as the subscription is required to play online with almost all PS4 games (those with actual online subscriptions of their own being the exception.)

What does this mean for the PlayStation Vita? Hopefully the visibility of the free titles PS Plus subscribers can download for the Vita may be the tipping point for those on the fence regarding using the Vita as a second screen device and for Remote Play for their PS4.  With the series 1000 WiFi and 3G/WiFi machines turning up at bargain prices, it really is a great time to grab the PS Vita and enjoy all that it offers.

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