Sony Removes YouTube Support From PS Vita


Despite there being no public announcement, it has been confirmed through the official PlayStation Vita FAQ that the YouTube app for the PS Vita will no longer be available from today (28th January 2015). It’s unclear at the moment whether this is a global stance or just for the EU territories, but certainly seems to be a backwards step for the console and it’s use as a portable media player.

While the existing app will still be available for use until 20th April 2015 for those who currently use it, it will no longer be available for downloading for new users from the PSN Store. As we mentioned elsewhere in our PlayStation TV Compatability Guide, the lack of an app doesn’t mean that YouTube can’t be accessed on the PS Vita and Sony themselves have stated that the site can be used by way of the PS Vita’s web browser. The web-based version will provide Vita owners with almost full functionality compared to the app and while it does default to the mobile version of the site, it is comparable to the app with just a few minor differences. However, when put to the test we have found very little to compare the two and performance is well up to the expected standard.

What is of concern is that in a time when the PS Vita – and more importantly the PlayStation TV need more media apps we are losing one of the most important media apps on the market and this doesn’t bode well for future app development.

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  1. This does seem like a backwards step…

    But it probably has something to do with the fact that YouTube have officially discontinued the use of Adobe Flash Player on their service, effectively immediately:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but does the built-in Web browser on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV not support HTML5?

  2. I don’t know how the YouTube app was created for the Vita but the site itself if I remember correctly has used HTML5 for some time which is why it’s been Vita (and PlayStation TV) compatible if you use the browser.

    The Vita’s never had Flash support though so it seems strange for them to pull the app now as it’s obviously accessed the HTML5 version of the video player from day one using the Vita’s portal and the same with the PS3, which is the reason why we have had a shoddy ITV Player for so long (although that’s a topic for another discussion!).

    I have to be honest though and say that the web version is more than capable and works wonders on the PlayStation TV but it does mean that it’s another app officially not supported for the Vita in a time where it’s needed. Certainly this is true of the PSTV where people look to boxes like this as set-top boxes as well as micro consoles and TV apps are a must.

    We don’t have Freeview, Sky, cable or any TV provider because of where we live so we rely 100% on catch-up services. Right now that’s provided by way of the PS3 and a Roku box but it would have been ideal if the PSTV could have done that as well and Sony really have missed a great opportunity there.

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