Sony Pulls Plug on Vita as PS5 Release Looms Closer

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It’s official – Sony will cease production of the Vita in 2019. Sony had high hopes for the Vita, which launched in 2011, but sadly it never quite made headway in the gaming world. Earlier this year, Sony blocked game developers from creating games for the console, not surprising since Sony themselves stopped developing games for the Vita back in 2015 already. Although the discontinuation of the Vita has saddened fans, it really comes as no surprise as, by the end of 2013, after being on the market for 2 years, only around 6 million units were sold. In comparison, more than 20 million units of the Nintendo Switch were sold in less than 18 months.

Vita titles to be excluded from PS Plus

The Vita might not have been as popular as its predecessor, the PSP, but it undoubtedly has its own very dedicated fan base. The announcement by tech giant Sony that will cease to manufacture the Vita came after one earlier this year that informed fans of their plans to cease making Vita games available through the PlayStation Plus subscription service. As of 8 March 2019, the PS Plus monthly game lineup will shift its focus to PS4 titles, excluding all PS3 and Vita titles. While this will not affect games that have already been downloaded, no new titles will be made available. The games in your library, as well as your game saves, will remain accessible as long as you remain a PS Plus member.

Games to get your hands on while you still can

With little over 5 months to go till Vita game titles are abolished from the PS Plus subscription service, now is as good a time as any to get your hands on some of the best Vita game titles. While the Vita might not have attracted as many top-rated titles as other consoles, it did offer players a range of superb games such as Persona 4 Golden, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, and Velocity 2X.  Once the console is completely discontinued it will become increasingly harder to find games, which is why it is wise to acquire your games online as soon as possible either from the PS store or Amazon, while it is still relatively easy to do so.

PS5 set to dominate by 2020

As dismaying as it may be to PS fans to bid farewell to the Vita, they have something else to look forward to: the release of the highly-anticipated PS5. While it may not satisfy all the cravings of a handheld console gamer, the PS5 which is set for release in December 2019 – just in time to maximize Christmas sales.  According to analyst Hideki Yasuda, the latest addition to the PlayStation family will feature game-streaming tech and high-end computer graphics.

There is no doubt that the Vita will be terribly missed by the die-hard fans that have supported the console since its birth 7 years ago. While there is currently no replacement on Sony’s agenda, players can find comfort in playing the games they already have, racking up higher scores than ever before.

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