Sony announce TWO new Vita consoles!


In a shock move at the Tokyo Games Show, after breaking the bad news to Japanese gamers that they won’t be getting PlayStation 4 until next year (!), Sony have announced not just one new Vita console, but TWO!

The first is the expected PS Vita slim, or 2000 series console. The new handheld comes in at the equivalent of £122 (so with everything taken into account a UK price of £150 inc. VAT seems achievable), and is 15% lighter and 20% thinner than the already fantastic PlayStation Vita console form factor. MCV (the trade newspaper) have reported this is, in part, due to the replacement of the OLED screen with a dimmer LCD screen, and the machine’s battery life has been reported to have increased to 6 hours of gameplay. The new machine arrives on the 10th of October in Japan in 6 colour options including white, black, pink/black, light blue/white, khaki/black, and yellow/white. The machine is also stated as having a 1GB built in memory card, and as part of the redesign a micro USB port has appeared (perhaps in the place of the PS Vita 1000’s mysterious expansion port next to the Vita card slot).

The big surprise is a tiny little version of the PS Vita you plug into the TV rather than having it’s own screen (and potentially shares a main board with the PS Vita 2000 series). The sensibly monikered Vita TV is little machine (and I do mean little at 6.5cm X 10.5cm) and connects to your TV via HDMI in upto 720p/1080i resolution, and has an ethernet connector as well as supporting a WiFi connection. The other connectors are a standard USB port, a Vita memory card slot and a Vita game card port. The machine supports Dual Shock 3 controllers (up to 2), and supports PSOne, PSP, PlayStation Mobile, PS Mini and Vita titles that don’t require the absent touch panels, microphone or cameras. The machine is also stated as supporting remote play with the PS4, and arrives on 11th November in Japan.

Also announced, much to the relief of many, is the 64GB version of the Vita memory card, which will arrive alongside the slim handheld.

There has been no announcement thus far from Sony Computer Entertainment regarding a possible release of either the slim PS Vita, PS Vita TV or the 64GB PS Vita memory card in other territories.

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