“Seraphim” by Studio Ravenheart coming to Vita soon!

Our friends at Studio Ravenheart reached out to let us know that their game “Seraphim” will be releasing on Vita pretty soon! You can read the complete press release below:

In an abstract celestial realm, assume the role of a great otherworldly being, defending the planets within him from invading sentient matter. Blast comets from your six mighty wings as cosmic constructs surround you from all directions. Compare your highest scores and aim for the heavens!


  • Captivating Abstract 3D Art Style
  • Rapid Explosive Arcade/Shooter Action
  • Campaign Featuring 24 Stages, Boss Battles & Cinematic Animations
  • Competitive Score Attack Mode With Leaderboards


Seraphim is a game that hearkens back to the old shoot’em-up vein of arcade classics with its own retro-inspired, original mechanic. But does so with a serious, post-modern 3D art-style referred to by the developer as ‘Geometric Expressionism’, which is sure to inspire double-takes upon first glance at its artistic, otherworldly imagery.

As a one-person development effort, all aspects of Seraphim are designed from scratch to provide ceaseless replay-ability, old-fashioned competitiveness and that nebulous “one more game” feeling.

Bent on innovation and player engagement, the stages of Seraphim are crafted to challenge both skill and wit. The variations in their experiences are bound to create moments that you will remember forever.

By combining visuals driven by laws of fine art analysis, the line to abstraction, and contemporary expressionism together with the gratifying element of exploding enemies amid rapid action, Seraphim seeks to reshape and revive interest in true ‘Arcade’ as a serious modern genre again!

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