Saturday Morning RPG hitting Vita on Jan. 26th, physical release in tow!

Hey guys! Smells like an RPG, doesn’t it?

That’s because we are living exciting times here at Vita Headquarters (I just awarded us that title, by the way). Josh Fairhurst from Mighty Rabbit Studios has confirmed that Saturday Morning RPG, the much-loved episodic nostalgia-ridden trip is releasing digitally on Vita and PS4 (with Cross-Buy) on Tuesday, January 26th.

A measly $9.99 will get you all the content released on Steam so far, plus the debut of the game’s 5th episode.

That, however, is not all!

If you’re feeling physical (wink wink), a limited edition physical version of the game will be available at on January 29th for $24.99 (limited to 1,980 copies on PS4, and 2,500 copies on Vita).

We’re huge fans of Limited Run Games here at VitaPlayer, so be sure to pick up a copy if you’re into supporting awesome developers and awesome games.

Want to know more? Have a few screeshots:

Interested? Have a trailer!


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