Saturday Morning RPG coming to Vita on Jan. 24th

Mighty Rabbit Studios, the studio behind Saturday Morning RPG (and Limited Run Games!), announced through Twitter that the once episodic, nostalgia-loaded game is coming to Vita sooner, rather than later, with a physical release in tow:

Here’s a description of the game, from its Wikipedia page:

Saturday Morning RPG is a role-playing video game developed by computer game developer Mighty Rabbit Studios. The game was first released for Apple’s iOS in April 2012. Since that time, it has been released on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam (software). It is also available on OUYA, and was a launch title for the system. In the game, players control Marty, an average high school student who gains an extraordinary power through a magical notebook that resembles a Trapper Keeper. This power allows him to use everyday objects in battle against the evil forces of the HOOD. As players advance through the game, they will discover new battle objects and new foes to fight. Mighty Rabbit Studios has supported Saturday Morning RPG with updates since its release in 2012 – adding two new episodes: To Bot or Not to Bot (Episode 3)  and Ho Ho HOOD (Episode 4). The game is steeped in 1980s nostalgia (mainly of the Saturday-morning cartoon variety) – many of the enemies and battle objects draw directly from the pop culture of the time.

Vince DiCola, composer for Rocky IV and The Transformers: The Movie, and his composing partner Kenny Meriedeth provided the game’s soundtrack.

Here’s a trailer for the PC version:

We hope to bring you a review once the game hits the Vita streets!

What do you think of another Vita game getting a limited physical release?

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