Run Like Hell Hits PS Vita This Week

Run Like Hell PS Vita

Hitting the PSN Store later today in the USA and EU territories tomorrow, from developers Mass Creation the creators of DRAW SLASHER, comes their second release for the PS Vita – Run Like Hell! An endless runner, you take on the role of a fearless treasure hunter, stuck on a tropical island. Spotted by a local tribe of hungry cannibals, you’re faced with two choices: check out if you’re tasty with garlic to the locals or… Run Like Hell!

As the player. you can run and escape from your pursuers by jumping through hoops, sliding under obstacles while admiring the vivid hand-drawn tropical island with procedurally generated levels. Race through a jungle, run through a calm village, avoid the sun in cool caverns, and even can get melancholic at dusk on the beach.

Offering three game modes: “The Great Escape” (story mode), “Arcade” – endless running through various locations and the icing on the cake – “Online” modes containing “Versus”, “Tournaments” and “Challenges”. Players who are into the more serious challenges can climb up the global leaderboards and complete in 50 exacting objectives.

The game is priced at $4.99 (USA) and €3.99 (EU).

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