Red Art Games: A New Physical Publisher For The PS Vita!

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Even though Sony themselves are bringing production of physical PS Vita games to an end in the West in early 2019 it hasn’t stopped games being made. While larger publishers have either stopped developing completely or moved focus to digital only, others have stepped up to take their place. We’re all familiar with Limited Run Games and the extensive work from Eastasiasoft over the last few years but now there’s a new kid on the block…

Enter Red Art Games

After a 17-year career working in the video games retail industry, Michael Binkowski found himself faced with endless customer requests for games that only existed in digital formats. Realising the need to bring more titles to physical platforms, he founded Red Alert Games to make that a reality. So in January 2018 the company was launched.

The Goals

Red Alert Games’ main goal is to bring digital only releases to market in a physical form. It will be releasing games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. As you would expect, production runs for all their games are limited, although titles are available on a pre-order basis rather than the model used by Limited Run Games.

The Games

Two games have been announced immediately for the PS4 and PS Vita with the announcement of two more imminently (which we will bring you details of in the near future). These are:

The Bard's Tale - PS Vita

The Bard’s Tale

Set in the kingdom of Caith, The Bard’s Tale IV is a first-person A-RPG (Action – Role Playing Game) with turn-based battles. In the medieval Scotland, the player can gather a team of up to six
heroes. InXile Entertainment’s developers had the idea refresh the Bard’s Tale to put it back on the center stage. The game was first developed by the studio in 2004 on Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Release date: 23rd November 2018 for PS4 (limited run of 5,000 copies) and PS Vita (3,000 copies) – €24.99

Ice Cream Surfer - PS Vita

Ice Cream Surfer

Ice cream Surfer and 4 friends fight the wicked Broccoli and his army of vegetables who want to destroy the galaxy of flavor. Irritated that kids love ice cream, Broccoli aims at forcing the
world to eat tasteless vegetables. A typical shmup you will enjoy!

Release date: 7th December 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita (2,000 copies each) – €19.99

Both of these are available to pre-order now from their website at:

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