Puzzle Platformer ‘Baboon’ bounding on to PS Vita

Relevo Videogames, an indie studio from Spain, have announced via the Playstation blog that their latest venture will be coming to the PS Vita very soon.

Jon Cortazar, lead developer, announced that the game is in final testing and is due to be made available on the EU store.

According to the Developer, the game fuses platform and puzzle elements, with a ‘deep story’ adding to the fun and interest.

During the adventure, the player will be able to shop for items, create different costumes to wear, cook many dishes by combining materials and of course interact with dozens of characters that help you figure out the story or uncover new side quests. What we really love about Baboon! are the many characters and stories, and how the game flow mixes adventure with platform and puzzle genres seamlessly. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Of interest, the soundtrack for Baboon! has been directed by Hideyuki Fukasawa, music composer for Super Street Fighter IV.

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