PS Vita Port Of Stardew Valley Removed From PlayStation Store

PS Vita owners have been unable to purchase the farming RPG Stardew Valley for some time. It disappeared from the PlayStation Store unexpectedly last year along with the PS4 version without warning. At the time, the game needed an update from the developer and needed to be resubmitted to Sony for QA testing.

The reason? Stardew Valley very loosely featured simulated gambling and as such was likely to need a change in its age rating under EU regulations. During this time, updates were worked on for other ports including the introduction of multiplayer support.

Eventually, version 1.5 dropped this week on the store for the PS4 including the aforementioned multiplayer mode. But the Vita version is nowhere to be seen. It is apparent now that approval for the PS Vita version has not happened. Whether we will see a Vita release of Stardew Valley in the future is unknown, but our only hope now lies with a physical edition through Eastasiasoft…

But for now, if you want to play Stardew Valley on the go, you’ll have to settle for the version available for the Nintendo Switch or play the PS4 version via Remote Play.

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