PS Vita Minecraft Submitted For Final Testing


Indie Sandbox hit Minecraft has gone to Sony for final testing, implying that a release could be very soon.

Developer 4J Studios has tweeted a number of updates to their ongoing projects, stating that the PS Vita edition is now in the hands of Sony for final testing. Provided that last minute bugs are not identified (not altogether unlikely given the issues that plagued the PS4 release) the next few weeks could see the release of what, if marketed correctly, could be a game-changer for the portable console.

All signs are that this will be the first fully portable port of Minecraft, the ‘portable edition’ which is extremely popular on phones being extremely cut-down in comparison to the full version available on console and PC.

Release was initially pencilled in for August, but a series of delays have pushed the release back to potentially October. It’s not to everybody’s taste, but it is a game that sells units and for this as Vita fans we can afford to be very optimistic.

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