PS Vita Japanese Sales Charts – 26th February 2017


Even though the Western world seems to have abandoned the PS Vita or at the very least from a retail perspective, the same can’t be said for the Japanese audience. Once again the Vita puts in a strong performance in the sales charts, as reported by Famitsu, in the latest figures released covering the week ending 26th February 2017…

As seems to be the norm, the PS4 is dominating the charts these days with not only the hardware topping the charts but also the software charts as well. The latest release from Square Enix, NieR: Automata, made its chart debut in the top spot with a massive 182,762 copies sold.

The Vita performed well this week with the latest release from Bandai Namco, Super Robot Taisen V, taking third place with just over 80,000 sales only marginally behind the PS4 version in second place.

A second entry for the Vita could also be seen a little further down in fifth place with the latest release from Koei Tecmo – Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Ultimate – which sold over 17,000 copies.

Hardware wise the Vita is still maintaining its third place spot selling over 11,000 units behind the PS4 and 3DS although we expect to see it drop to fourth place next week following the launch of the Nintendo Switch.

Software Top Ten

  1. NieR: Automata (Square Enix) PS4 – 182,762 (New)
  2. Super Robot Taisen V (Bandai Namco Entertainment) PS4 – 95,222 (New)
  3. Super Robot Taisen V (Bandai Namco Entertainment) Vita – 84,933 (New)
  4. Nioh (Koei Tecmo Games) PS4 – 17,586
  5. Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Ultimate (Koei Tecmo Games) Vita – 17,005 (New)
  6. The Witch and the Hundred Knights 2 (Nippon Ichi Software) PS4 – 15,709 (New)
  7. Pocket Monster Sun/Moon (Pokemon) 3DS – 13,673
  8. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional (Square Enix) 3DS – 11,920
  9. For Honor (Ubisoft) PS4 – 11,754
  10. Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo) 3DS – 6,468

Hardware Top Ten

  1. PS4 – 37,472
  2. New Nintendo 3DS LL – 18,536
  3. PS Vita – 11,069
  4. PS4 Pro – 6,686
  5. 2DS – 5,362
  6. New Nintendo 3DS – 842
  7. Wii U – 626
  8. Xbox One S – 506
  9. PS3 – 302
  10. Xbox One – 19

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