PS Vita in 2023: Anyone Still Playing It?

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In July 2021, Sony made the tough decision to close any new submissions for new PS Vita games from game developers worldwide. This was a sad moment for loyal fans of the once hugely popular gaming device; however, this news wouldn’t stop people from playing their favourite games on the PS Vita. The announcement came as a bit of a shock at a time when Sony changed their decision to close the PS3 and PS Vita stores only a few weeks earlier, giving many people hope that new life would be given to the iconic gaming device. Although no new games are coming to the PS Vita, this has not stopped people from playing their favourite games over two years later with a community that is still relatively strong and passionate about the gaming device. Below, we will go through what the future may look like for those who want to continue playing games on their PS Vita and discuss how you can still access some of the top games.

PlayStation Store

Even though no new games are being developed for the PS Vita, one plus side is that the PS Vita store is still active, meaning people can still access a vast library of games across many different genres. There is something for everyone, from easy games for beginners to more complex titles for those with more experience. Unfortunately, the effects of Sony’s decision to stop accepting new games from developers for the PS Vita have started to show. Many titles are beginning to be removed from sale and delisted.

Although this happens frequently, the rate at which this is being seen with the PS Vita store is markedly faster. With no new games being added, the impact is more evident to those familiar with the PS Vita store. Another noticeable difference with the PS Vita store is the search function, which is not working as well as it used to, making it quite challenging to find the games you are looking for. Sony has also closed the PC version of the PS Vita store, leaving many of those who still have their PS Vita to avoid downloading any new games.



Contrary to what you might have expected, you can still find great deals on classic PS Vita games throughout the year. These sales can be accessed on the PSN Store due to Cross-Buy, which enables people to pick up some fantastic bargains for both the PS Vita and PS4. You can find these sales using either a PC or a PS4, which makes it a lot easier to search for specific titles when compared with trying to navigate the PS Vita Store. Since there are so many Cross Buy titles still available for purchase, you can expect to see a lot of games that are playable on the PS Vita appearing in future sales.


The Homebrew scene is one of the most promising components, which is keeping the PS Vita fanbase well and truly alive. It continues to grow each day, with new titles being added consistently. Not only this, but the emulation aspect of this is also gaining a lot of traction. Not too long ago, a brand new Dreamcast emulator was released, showing the tremendous power and performance that is achievable with it, breathing new life into the iconic console.

PlayStation Plus

Sony decided to make some significant changes to their PlayStation Plus service, which had many fans of the PS Vita worried that they might lose many of their favourite games. The PlayStation Plus offered users to collect a range of new games each month, adding them to their vast collection of titles. Luckily, an active PlayStation Plus subscription means you still have access to your games library without purchasing them again.

This is good news for those who don’t own a PS5 or PS4 and use their PS Vita to access their library, as they should be able to play all of their favourite games as long as they continue to renew their PlayStation Plus membership each month. What is a little frustrating, however, is Sony’s decision to give users access to games that are playable on some of PlayStation’s most popular consoles, including classics such as the PSOne, PSP, and PS2, as well as the PS3 but have chosen not to extend this to the PS Vita.

The PS Vita is a console many people hold dearly to and still enjoy playing on. Although Sony has seemingly decided to stop investing in the handheld console, fans worldwide are working hard to keep the community alive and playing their favourite games. It doesn’t look like the buzz around this iconic console will go away any time soon, so why not jump on your favourite PS Vita game and play with others who are just as passionate about the console as you?

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