PS Vita Continues To Sell Well In Japan Alongside PS4


As we all expected since November 2013, the PS Vita is continuing to sell extremely well in Japan alongside the PS4 following the release of Sony’s latest console one month ago, and the sales figures of the two consoles are – as with the previous week – still extremely close. The latest hardware sales figures for the week ending 16th March 2014 show the PS Vita in a very strong position:

  1. PS4 – 28,864
  2. PS Vita – 27,576
  3. Nintendo 3DS LL  20,054
  4. PS3 – 13,529
  5. Nintendo 3DS – 9,194
  6. WiiU – 7,297
  7. PSP – 3,184
  8. PS Vita TV – 1,185
  9. XBox360 – 278

What is interesting to note is that sales of the WiiU are steadily dropping week on week right now. Whether the Vita TV low sales are as a result of limited stocks, poor marketing or if – as a product – it is better suited to a Western market as a second-room PS4 companion with the “regular” Vita being stronger in the commuter-oriented market of Japan is uncertain.


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