Poker Games For the PS Vita and PSP You May Not Know About


The PS Vita’s lifespan may have been officially cut short, but many people still use it to play indie games, older titles from the console’s vast back catalogue, or try it’s thriving homebrew scene. Others now use their Vitas and PSTVs to attempt modifications that they wouldn’t risk on their full-fledged consoles.

Some people online have been asking what poker and casino games are available for the PS Vita and PSP – one genre that’s under represented compared to almost every other gaming platform in history. So we thought we’d take a look at some of the options out there. However, you should note that your choices are fairly limited as of now, so don’t get your hopes up. Still, the games we will be presenting today are some of the more obscure titles you may not have heard of before. So, without further ado, let’s go:

Battle Poker (PSP)

Battle Poker is a creative take on the classic casino game. Instead of going through the classic Texas Hold ’Em route, the game instead focuses on a puzzle experience for the whole family. It blends elements of memory games, puzzle-focused mini-games culminating in the ultimate goal of trying to form the best possible 5-card poker hand.

While only released for the PSP in terms of Sony consoles and only available as a physical release, this one is for PSP owners only. The game was also available for the Wii back in 2009, so there’s another way to play it for those who are curious enough.

Card Games (PSOne)

Released originally for the PlayStation in 2000, Card Games (yes, yes, very original) is a collection of… well, card games and published by Amedio Co. It was eventually re-released digitally as part of the PSOne Classics range and made available for download for the PS Vita, PSP, and PlayStation 3 in 2014 exclusively in the NA PlayStation territory. You can either play Casino style or Free play, where you just pick the game you want to play from a list.

The game features only one mode of poker, namely Draw Poker, but we think that it does a good enough job to draw passionate poker players’ interest.

World Poker Tour (PSP)

We’ve already mentioned this game on our own website in this review, so there’s nothing much we can add that wasn’t already said. However, the game performs well and is worth tracking down a copy of the UMD from eBay or any reputable retro gaming store. Or if you’re really lucky, get the download to run on the Vita if your local PSN Store offers it for sale.

Is There Anything Else?

Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many dedicated poker games for the PS Vita and PSP. Those who have the time and patience to create their own homebrew Vita games can try out an online poker software and see what web-based poker game they can come up with. Otherwise, you will be stuck trying to find less than five years old on the PSN store for the Vita, and PSP casino games are surprisingly getting harder to find in good condition thanks to the durability issues with the UMD format.

Final Thoughts

Do you know any other poker and casino games for the PS Vita and PSP that gamers may have overlooked over the years? Leave us a comment below and we can try and cover them in the future.

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